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NUSolve Launch

NUSolve Launch

27 January 2021

Could your research benefit from mathematics, statistics or physics expertise?

The School of Mathematics, Statistics & Physics (MSP) are delighted to announce the launch of Newcastle University Solve (NUSolve), a new business and engagement unit within the School.

Newcastle University Solve provides a “front-door” to the School of MSP for external businesses and internal collaborators.

NUSolve provides a mechanism for establishing and managing projects across all of the School’s main fields of research, such as data science and machine learning; renewable energy and demand forecasting; mathematics for biology & biotechnology; ageing & health; mobility & transport; astronomy; manufacturing & industrial processes… and more.

Interdisciplinary projects

School of MSP academics have worked on interdisciplinary projects with colleagues across the SAgE faculty from Sciences, Engineering and Computing. With particular successes including:

  • £2 million savings within the gas utilities sector as a result of advanced statistical modelling
  • 24% collision reductions and a significant contribution to £22.5M accident prevention savings on North Yorkshire roads due to statistics-based software
  • 50% efficiency savings within the high-value manufacturing sector due to applied maths

Find out more on the NUSolve website. A comprehensive external launch will happen in the New Year, including the development of a new dynamic website.

If you would like to collaborate with mathematicians, statisticians and/or physicists on business engagement projects; have an opportunity that requires some mathematical sciences or physics expertise; and/or would just generally like to find out more, please email the unit’s manager Matthew Linsley.