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Cetin Can Evirgen


I completed my MMath at Newcastle University in June 2015 with the dissertation “Statistical geometry of the magnetic fields in the multi-phase, turbulent interstellar medium”.

During my undergraduate studies, I specialised mainly in Applied Maths but I have an interest in Multivariate Data Analysis, Markov Processes, Queueing Theory and Network Analysis and Image Analysis.

I’m particularly interested in writing and applying computational tools for data analysis in complex systems, such as the interstellar medium, financial markets, biological systems and population models.

My current research involves the analysis of magnetic field structures in the multi-phase, turbulent interstellar medium (ISM), which refers to the regions inside galaxies, that surround stars. The gas flows, magnetic fields and other related physical processes play an important role in galactic dynamics.

I wish to develop an understanding of how magnetic fields are generated and maintained on small and large physical scales in a spiral galaxy, such as the Milky Way. How do these magnetic fields interact with the gas flows in the ISM and how do these interactions effect or define the vertical structure of the ISM?

Outside of research, I also enjoy teaching maths. I currently do marking, teaching assistance and tutoring from GCSE to Undergraduate level Maths. I’ve generally been very lucky with the teachers and lecturers that I have had for various subjects and I believe that a good teacher can help to realise the full potential of their students.


I like most kind of music and enjoy going to gigs. The best gigs I’ve been to so far are Laura Marling, Black Keys, Local Natives and Gregory Porter. I would recommend any of them. I really want to see Queens of the Stone Age and the Robert Glasper in the future.

I also like films (probably a bit too much) and comedy shows and I write poetry (of questionable quality). There are a few other things like reading, chess and backgammon, which are also quite fun.

Sport and fitness is quite a big part of my life. I played basketball at various levels for 10 years, alongside rugby, football and athletics. I had to take a break for a while following a recurring knee injury. However, I’ve recently started swimming and going to gym again. I plan to start rowing and cycling in the near future.

I would love to learn to play an instrument; perhaps piano or cello.


Evirgen C.C., Gent F.A., Shukurov A., Fletcher A., Bushby P., The distribution of mean and fluctuating magnetic fields in the multiphase interstellar medium,
MNRAS, 464, L105-109, 2016

Evirgen C.C., Gent F.A., Shukurov A., Fletcher A., Bushby P., The supernova-regulated ISM - III. Effects of an evolving magnetic field on the multiphase gas (in preparation)