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Clarissa Barratt

Clarissa's research interest is in the use of single-electron sources to explore fundamental issues of solid-state physics and quantum-technology. Their current research focuses on calculating the degree of the effect of phase averaging in hot-electron interferometers.

Project Title

'Incoherent Effects in Single-Electron Quantum Optics'



My main research area is quantum transport, specifically, hot-electron quantum optics.

In 2020 I was given the opportunity to present my research at the American Physical Society March Meeting, an event attend by around 10000 researchers from all over physics. Unfortunately, due to the current pandemic, the conference was cancelled. I was however, able to upload my talk materials to the bulletin.

I have given several talks at conferences, including two at the Northern Quantum Meeting, a gathering of quantum physics researchers from the universities in the north of England.

Outside of my research I have a great interest in outreach and communications. Most recently I gave a talk at Cosmology Night, a local event here in Newcastle which sees two speakers present science related talks to a public audience. My talk was "Forgotten Women in Science", focussing on a few of the women from the history of physics who have been overlooked, forgotten or had their credited only to the men they worked with. As a woman in STEM research, this is something I am incredibly passionate about, and I was so happy that my talk received such a good response, even being asked to present again at a different event.

I am a member of the Joint Quantum Centre, between Durham and Newcastle and have given talks in Superfluids seminars at Newcastle University. I have also demonstrated in undergraduate physics labs, and taken part in public outreach activities.

After graduating from Aberystwyth University with an MPhys in Astrophysics in 2015, I started a graduate scheme working in Cyber Security before moving on to a PhD.

As part of the graduate scheme I not only fulfilled my original role of SOC Analyst, but also experienced numerous areas of the business, including the Programme Management Office, which led to me gaining the APM Introductory Project Management certification.