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Aura-Cristiana Radu

Aura-Cristiana Radu

Project Title

'The extensions between simple modules for Ree groups of type F_4'

Project Description

Let k be an algebraically closed field of characteristic p = 2. Let G = F4 be simply connected over k and let σ : G → G be an endomorphism such that the fixed point set G(σ) is a Ree group.

Used various methods to investigate the connection between the cohomology theories of the algebraic group G, Frobenious kernel Gr/2 and  finite group G(σ), in order to improve the bounds on the size of |G(σ)| which permit one to identify the cohomology of the finite group with the algebraic group.

Research Interests

  • Homological algebra
  • Representation theory
  • Algebraic groups
  • Modular Lie Algebras


Graduated with an MMath in Pure Mathematics from Durham University in 2018. My final year project involved studying the classification of Lie algebras, and in particular, modular Lie algebras; I was supervised by Dr W Klingenberg and Dr A Stasinski.