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Dr Angela Dyson

Director of Physics



I am currently the Director of Physics. I did my BSc in Theoretical Physics at Essex University where I stayed on for my PhD in Laser plasma interactions via computer simulation. I moved into semiconductor physics in 2000 working with Profs Naci Balkan & Mike Adams and since 2004 I have collaborated with Prof Brian Ridley FRS.

I am a member of the Institute of Physics.

Current Roles

Director of Physics

Chair of the Physics LTSEC

Academic lead for Physics SSC

Member of School Executive Board for Mathematics, Statistics & Physics.

Previous Positions

2017 - 2020 DPD Physics

2016-2017 Reader and Head of Physics & Astrophysics, Hull University

2013-2016 Senior Lecturer, Hull University

2008-2013 Lecturer, Hull University


My broad research area is semiconductors and devices with a particular emphasis on phonons and high field transport. I have an in-house developed bulk Monte-Carlo transport simulation code which includes non-equilibrium phonons. I've been interested in Gallium Nitride since 2005 for high frequency emission e.g. THz. 

Research Grants

I am currently funded by the Office of Naval research sponsored by Dr Paul Maki under grant Nos N00014-15-1-2193 & N00014-18-1-2463 "Theory of transport in Semiconductors"


Dr Daniel Naylor

Postgraduate Supervision

Mr Peter Brookes Chambers

Mr Lee Smith - at Hull University

Mr Keaghan Krog

Past group members

Dr Luke Bradley

Dr Tiago Marinheiro

Dr Nick Appleyard

Dr Martin Vaughan


  • PHY3024 Atoms, Molecules, Nuclei & Particles
  • PHY3039 MPhys Group Project
  • PHY3027 BSc Project
  • PHY1030 Stage 1 Laboratory