School of Mathematics, Statistics and Physics

Staff Profile

Professor Anvar Shukurov

Professor of Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics


Roles and Responsibilities

Member of the School Learning and Teaching Committee
Teaching and Curriculum Coordinator for Applied Maths

Joint Honours advisor and representative for Mathematics and Statistics


PhD in 1982, Dr. Hab. in 1993


Royal Astronomical Society, International Astronomical Union, LOFAR UK Consortium


Research Interests

Google Scholar

Interstellar medium, Astrophysical magnetohydrodynamics, Dynamo theory

Other Expertise

Prehistoric population dynamics, Radiocarbon dating for prehistory

Research Roles

Participant in the LOFAR:UK Consortium,,

Postgraduate Supervision

Andrew Fletcher (1998-2002), Andrew P. Snodin (2001-8), Anthony J. Mee (2002-7), S. Louise Wilkin (2003-7), Kate Davison (2004-8), Andrew W. Baggaley (2006-10), Andrew Smith (2007-11), Fred A. Gent (2008-12), Kavita Gangal (2010-14)


2006–10: Coordinator, FP6 Project NEST-028192 FEPRE, “The formation of Europe: prehistoric population dynamics and the roots of socio-cultural diversity”, , EUR 849,964

2008–11: Co-Investigator, STFC short-term visitors programme ST/F003080/1, 10,545.

2009–12: Co-Investigator, Leverhulme Trust Grant F/00 125/AD, “Mathematical models for the developed Neolithic”, £137,960.

2011–13: Co-Investigator, Royal Society International Joint Project “The origin and observational signatures of cosmic magnetic fields”, £12,000.

2011–14: Co-Investigator, Leverhulme Trust Grant RPG-097, “Quantitative morphology of interstellar gas in the Milky Way”, £133,902

20013-15: Co-Investigator, STFC Grant "Cosmic rays in the multi-phase interstellar medium with dynamo-generated magnetic fields", £197,218.



Undergraduate Teaching