School of Mathematics, Statistics and Physics

Staff Profile

Professor Ian Moss

Professor of Theoretical Cosmology


Roles and Responsibilities

Cosmology and Quantum Gravity group leader

Senior Tutor in Physics


Research Interests

My research focuses on the inflationary model of the very early universe, and the various quantum processes responsible for the origin of density fluctuations and other major features of the universe. The inflationary model has become the predominant model of the early universe as, one by one, all of its predictions have been confirmed by observation. 

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Postgraduate Supervision

M. Bounakis

K. Marshal

T Yeomans 2008-2012

C Graham 2006-2009

N Ahmed 2004-2008

C Xiong 2004-2007

M Giammatteo 2000-2003

LMH Hall 2001-2004

JP Norman 2001-2004

W Santiago-German 1999-2003

Esteem Indicators

EPSRC Peer Review College: Member
Editorial Board of 'Classical and Quantum Gravity' (1997-2002)
Fellow of the IOP