School of Mathematics, Statistics and Physics

Staff Profile

Dr James Waldron



Roles and responsibilities:

  • Personal Tutor


  • MSci Imperial College
  • MSc Imperial College
  • PhD York


Research Interests:

  • Differentiable Stacks
  • Lie Algebroids
  • Poisson Geometry
  • Crossed Product Algebras


2019 / 2020

Semester 1:

  • ACC1012/ACC1053 Professional Skills for Accounting and Finance
  • MMATH Projects

Semester 2:

  • MAS1702 Number Systems
  • MAS2603 Group Project
  • MMATH Projects


  • MAS2701 Linear Algebra
  • MAS3809/MAS8809/PHY3029 Variational Methods
  • MAS1243/MAS2243 Application of Mathematical Methods to Finance
  • MAS1403 Quantitative Methods For Business Management
  • MAS2603 Group Project


  • Waldron J. K-theory of affine actions. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 2019, 301(2), 639–666.
  • Ortiz C, Waldron J. On the Lie 2-algebra of sections of an LA-groupoid. Journal of Geometry and Physics 2019, 145, 103474.
  • Hall S, Murphy T, Waldron J. Compact Hermitian symmetric spaces, coadjoint orbits, and the dynamical stability of the Ricci flow. 2019. Submitted.
  • Waldron J. The Euler Characteristic Of A Transitive Lie Algebroid. 2019. Submitted.