School of Mathematics, Statistics and Physics

Staff Profile

Professor Sarah Rees

Professor of Pure Mathematics


I am a Professor of Pure Mathematics for School of Mathematics, Statistics & Physics at Newcastle University. I work mainly on geometrical, combinatorial and computational aspects of group theory. In particular, I am currently interested in:

  • Decision problems
  • Links between group theory and formal language theory
  • The theory of automatic groups and group combings
  • The language of theoretical complexity of the word problem
  • The theoretical and practical development of algorithms in group theory

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Personal research
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in Newcastle, and supervision of postgraduate students
  • Personal tutor of a group of undergraduate students
  • External examiner of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees
  • Refereeing of articles, grant proposals, and membership of panels (member of EPSRC Peer Review College)
  • Involved in appointments and promotions in universities across the world
  • Advisor and organiser of mathematics research conferences


Research Interests

Google Scholar

    Geometrical, Combinatorial and Computational Group Theory
    Decision problems
    Links Between Group Theory and Formal Language Theory
    Theory of Automatic Groups and Group Combings
    Language Theoretical Complexity of the Word Problem
    Theoretical and Practical Development of Algorithms in Group Theory