School of Mathematics, Statistics and Physics

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Dr Thomas Billam

Lecturer in Applied Mathematics/Quantum


My principal research interests are the non-equilibrium dynamics of ultracold Bose gases. In particular I am interested in quantum vortex dynamics and two-dimensional quantum turbulence, non-equilibrium Bose-Einstein condensate dynamics in the presence of significant quantum depletion and finite temperatures, and bright solitary matter-waves and their application to interferometry. I am also researching the effects of disorder on non-equilibrium dynamics and critical phenomena in ultracold Bose gases. In addition to exploring fundamental theoretical questions in these areas, I have a strong interest in modelling current ultracold atom experiments, and working to propose new ones.

Areas of expertiseNon-equilibrium dynamics of ultracold Bose gases (Quantum vortex dynamics and turbulence, Matter-waves solitons and their applications to interferometry, Finite-temperature models)