School of Mathematics, Statistics and Physics

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Dr Toby Hallam

Lecturer in Physics


Toby Hallam is part of a group of experimental physicists housed in the engineering department at Newcastle University who are helping to develop the new Physics degree programme. He is also involved in creating a base for experimental research in 2D materials. His work at Newcastle covers graphene synthesis and the integration of graphene and other 2D materials into devices such as gas, strain and microfluidic sensors working diversely with Chemistry, Civil Engineering and The Royal Victoria Infirmary. He was previously an Assistant Professor at Trinity College Dublin. Previous work at Trinity College and the Tyndall Institute involved new 2D material synthesis and doping using CVD and Thermally Assisted Conversion in collaboration with Intel corporation. He has been associated with the development of the Liquid Phase Exfoliation (LPE) process, recently demonstrating ink-jet printed capacitors and transistors using nanoflake inks.

Areas of expertise: Graphene and 2D material synthesis, devices and applications.

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