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Dr Toby Wood

Lecturer in Applied Mathematics


Dr Toby Wood is a Lecturer in Applied Mathematics for the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Physics at Newcastle University. His area of expertise is astrophysical fluid dynamics. 


Research Interests

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My research concerns the dynamics of stellar interiors, including the solar interior.  My main interests are:

  • Transport of angular momentum and magnetic flux across the solar 'tachocline'.
  • Hall and electron MHD in neutron stars.
  • Chemical transport in stellar interiors by meridional flows and double-diffusive convection.
  • Turbulent pumping of magnetic flux by anisotropic compressible convection.
  • Dynamo action in laminar and turbulent flows.
  • Applications of Lagrangian mechanics to thermodynamics and fluid dynamics.

I am also interested in

  • Anomalous, long-range transport of angular momentum by turbulence and wave breaking.
  • Instabilities in magnetized shear flows.
  • Stellar structure and evolution.
  • Thermoelectric effects in crystals. 


Teaching for 2015/2016

  • MAS2104/3104 Introduction to Vector Calculus
  • MAS8114 Topics in Modern Applied Mathematics