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Caroline, Data Scientist

Caroline, Data Scientist

About Caroline

Caroline graduated from Newcastle University in 2017 after studying MMath Mathematics and Statistics.  

We asked her to take a look back at her time at Newcastle and tell us how it has impacted her career:  


I started working as a data scientist a month after graduating from Newcastle University.  

I enjoy constantly learning about new areas and methodologies in the field of data science and being able to apply these and previously learnt skills to real-life problems. As part of my role, I have the opportunity to work with new technologies and start-up companies, which is really exciting to be involved with. 

Real-world application 

I do a lot of coding in my job and one of the main languages that I use, I learnt from one of my modules during my Maths degree. Having had knowledge of this, I was able to use it every day in my job straight away. It also helped me to pick up new coding languages fairly quickly. Statistical analysis is also a big part of my role, I have used many techniques that were covered in the stats modules from university. I find that being able to put these skills to use in my job is really fulfilling. 

I also picked up some practical skills that have helped me throughout my career. Having assignments on different modules at the same time is similar to having to work on different projects at the same time and being able to manage your work around different deadlines. In some of the modules there were projects where you would have to work through steps methodically in order to solve the problem, this is a skill that I use regularly when designing how I would approach a work project. 

Why Newcastle?  

At the Open Day, the staff and students at Newcastle were extremely engaging and friendly. I got a great feel for the campus and the city after having campus and city tours. I liked that the structure of the course allowed you to explore different areas of maths in the earlier years before specialising later in the course. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my time studying maths at Newcastle University, it provided me with many academic and professional skills that are essential for my job. The lecturers, other staff and students really helped me to settle in quickly to life at university, as well as in a new city. I found my current job through the maths department in my final year at university, so I might not have gone down this career path without this opportunity