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Huakai, Data Scientist

Huakai, Data Scientist

About Huakai

Huakai graduated in 2020 from the MMathStat Mathematics and Statistics degree.


Newcastle University has a good reputation in the UK. I studied in Glasgow for three and a half years, so I really wanted to go to a university in England.

I did a three-year Mathematics and Statistics degree. I liked the statistics modules- they were well structured and presented well. My favourite module was Introduction to Bayesian Statistics.

After I completed my Mathematics and Statistics degree, I went on study for an MSc in Data Science at the School of Computing. This built on my interest in statistics from my Undergraduate degree.

As Newcastle is in the North East of England, there are lower living costs than for universities in London and outside of studying, you can travel around the North of England which has a lot to offer.

During my time at Newcastle, I was part of the Chinese society and the Maths society. There are also lots of sports societies, I joined badminton and the table tennis society.