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Staff Profile

Staff Profile

Samuel Anaya-Guzman

Dr Elizabeth Andersen

Visiting Fellow

Professor Guy Austin

Professor of French Studies

Peter Bandeen

Undergraduate Admin Officer

Okke Baumbach

Maka Bekurishvili

Language Learning Support Aide

Dr Fernando Beleza Pinto

Lecturer in Portuguese Studies

Hanna Burdorf

Postgraduate Research Student

Lia Cacheiro Quintas

Teaching fellow in Spanish

Xueman Cao

Postgraduate Research Student

Kumi Casey

Dr Jorge Catala-Carrasco

Head of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies

Dr Ya-Yun Chen

Senior Lecturer in Chinese Interpreting and Translating

Linda Cheng


Sarah Crampton

Learning Support Aide

Emerita Professor Máire Cross

Emerita Professor

Dr Josep Cru

Lecturer in Spanish

Nicola Davison

Deputy School Manager

Dr Jade Biyu Du

Lecturer in Translation and Interpreting

Dr Myriem El Maizi

Senior Lecturer in French Studies

Tamsin Embleton

Administrative Officer

Linlin Fang

Dr Dunja Fehimovic

Lecturer in Hispanic Studies

Dr Carol Fehringer

Senior Lecturer

Dr Helen Ferstenberg

Lecturer in German & Translation Studies

Andrea Freeman

Support Officer

Dr Cécilia Gil

Lecturer in French

Andrew Grenfell

Manager of Resources for Open Learning

Barbara Guidarelli

Italian teaching fellow

Dr Damien Hall

Lecturer in French Linguistics, School of Modern Languages Director of the Year Abroad

Dr Gitte Marianne Hansen

Reader in Japanese Studies

Dr Pauline Henry-Tierney

Lecturer in French Translation

Professor Jens R Hentschke

Professor of Latin American History and Politics, Dr. phil. (History), Habilitation (German Higher Doctorate; Political Science), FRHistS - Deputy Head of School, Director for Postgraduate Research

Lucy Hill

Spanish language teacher

Aisling Hood

Education Co-ordinator

Professor Rosaleen Howard

Emerita Professor

Dr Gillian Jein

Senior Lecturer in French (Urban Humanities)

Dr Michael Jin

Lecturer in Translation & Interpreting

Professor Francis Jones

Professor of Translation Studies

Professor Shirley Jordan

Professor of French Studies

Dr Sarah Leahy

Senior Lecturer

Loiana Leal Pavlichenko

Lecturer in Portuguese

Dr Jessica Lin

Lecturer in Chinese Translation

Dr Teresa Ludden

Senior Lecturer in German Studies

Professor Ian MacKenzie

Professor of Spanish Linguistics

Professor Bernhard Malkmus

Chair of German Studies

Antje Moench


Dr Nick Morgan

Lecturer in Latin American Studies; Acting Director of the Centre for Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Professor Beate Muller

Prof of German Stud. & Cultural History

Professor Nigel Harkness

PVC of Humanities & Social Sciences

Dr Patricia Oliart

Senior Lecturer in Latin American Studies

Dr Philippa Page

Senior Lecturer in Hispanic Studies/Deputy Director Humanities Research Institute

Dr Wei Pan

Chinese Director - Confucius Centre

Dr JC Penet

Senior Lecturer in French and Translation Studies

Sheng Peng

Visiting Lecturer

Holly Pennal

Language Resource Centre Assistant

Dr Conceicao Pereira

Lecturer in Portuguese, Co-ordinator of the Portuguese Language Centre - Camões IP

Professor Jun Qian

Professor Qian Jun 錢俊 (Qian Suoqiao 錢鎖橋) Chair of Chinese Studies and Director of the Confucius Institute

Dariush Robertson

Lecturer in Translation Technology

Dr Kathryn Robson

Senior Lecturer

Isabelle Ruegg Alter

Teaching Fellow in French

Dr Sandra Salin

Senior Lecturer in French Studies

Dr Jo Smith Finley

Reader in Chinese Studies

Dr Fang Su

Lecturer in Chinese

Etsuko Suda

Lecturer in Japanese

Carolyn Taylor

Research Support Coordinator

Sheryl Thompson

School Finance Officer

Anne Hardy

PA to HoS & School Manager, SML

Dr Michael Tsang

Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellow

Elina Vasina

Language Learning Support Officer + TEL Lead

Claire Walker

Language Centre Assistant

Andrea Wilczynski

Head of School

Dr Fred Wu

Senior Lecturer in Translating & Interpreting

Dr Lydia Wu

Research Associate

Dr Shiro Yoshioka

Lecturer in Japanese Studies

Professor Sabrina Qiong Yu

Professor of Film and Chinese Studies

Phoebe Yu

Lecturer in Translating and Interpreting

Maria Zubelzu de Brown

Lecturer in Spanish

Sara Heim

Dr Tom Cuthbertson

Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellow

Gemma McKinnie

Dr Catherine Gilbert

NU Academic Track Fellow (NUAcT)

Fumika Cartlidge

Japanese teacher

Sayuri Naruse


Adeline Gonzalez Vazquez


Dr Jo Lumley


Dr Helen Penet


Dennis Hill

Dr Simone Schroth


Gloria Alvarez


Tatiana Gitman Ughetti


Laura Arbones Martinez

Associate Lecturer 20/21

Jessica Rainey

Associate Lecturer in Translation

Michelle Deeter


Carole Moore


Evgenia Stepanova


Dr Gary Jenkins


Dr Anne Carruthers

Associate Lecturer

Dr Jemima Short

Lecturer in French

Dr Giuliana Borea

Lecturer in Latin American Studies

Cen Cong

Postgraduate Research Student

Dr Hugh Dauncey

Visiting Fellow

Alba Griffin

Associate Lecturer 19/20

Jemima Jobling

Postgraduate Research Student

Dr Elizabeth Marcus

Lecturer in French and Francophone Studies

Dr Valerie Pellatt

Teacher 19/20

Carrie Poon

Postgraduate Research Student

Emeritus Professor Brian Stimpson

Emeritus Professor

Xiaolu Tan

Jingyi Wu

Postgraduate Research Student

Dr Jennifer Arnold

Lecturer Spanish & Translation Studies

Ellen Bishell

Postgraduate Research Student

Dr Victor Cazares Lira

Leverhulme Early Career Fellow

Ellie Clark

UWLP Support Officer

Elly Li

Postgraduate Research Student

Katie Marshall

Postgraduate Officer

Alexandra Okike

School Research Co-Ordinator

Marcela Reyes Otaiza

Lecturer in Spanish

Dr Hannah Scott

NUAcT Fellow: Arts and Humanities

Dr Adina Stroia

Lucy Swinton

Year Abroad Administrative Officer