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Academic Queries and Appeals Procedure

Academic Queries and Appeals Procedure

Appealing an Academic Decision

The University has an Academic Queries and Appeals Procedure [794 KB] and an Academic Queries and Appeals Policy [255 KB] for students who would like to query an academic decision made by: 

An appeal relates to formal academic decisions made regarding your programme of study and should not be used to raise general complaints about issues such as tuition or supervision. If you wish to raise these issues you should submit a complaint

You are asked to make every effort to raise your assessment/progress query, in writing, with the School/Faculty directly concerned, under Level 1 of the Procedure in the first instance. There may be a specific email address by which you can submit these queries, please check your Degree Programme Handbook or ask your School Office.  

If you are unhappy with the outcome of your Level 1 query, then you can proceed to appeal under Level 2 by submitting an Academic Appeals Form [1003 KB], together with full details of the appeal and any supporting evidence, to  

If you remain unhappy with the Level 2 determination you are able to request the outcome is reviewed under Level 3 of the Procedure by submitting your request to the Academic Registrar via

Here is a Quick Guide to the Academic Queries and Appeals Procedure [418 KB], which should help explain the process.