Student Progress

Academic Progress Review Procedure

Academic Progress Review Procedure

The University Regulations require you to make satisfactory academic progress in your programme of study.  If your School believe that you are not making satisfactory progress for any of the reasons set out below, you may be invited to a meeting to discuss your engagement.  This will also give you the opportunity to raise any problems that you may be experiencing so that your School are able to help you find the appropriate support to help you successfully continue with your studies.  

You should be asked to bring any medical or personal circumstances to the attention of the School and you should be kept fully informed at each stage of the process so that you are aware of their intentions with regard to your studies.   

It is important that you do engage with these communications as your School are able to request that your studies are either suspended or terminated, dependant on the circumstances of the case. 

Reasons a School may raise Academic Progress Review Procedure with you are: 

  • Failure to attend for interview with academic staff as required in connection with failure to attend your programme of study or failure to make satisfactory progress;
  • Failure to attend regularly your programme of study without good cause; distance learning or online programmes engagement will be measured by alternative means as determined by your school; Failure to perform adequately in work prescribed for your programme; 
  • Failure to submit written work required under your programme regulations (whether or not such work counts for assessment purposes) at the required time;
  • Failure to attend examinations or pass the prescribed examinations for your programme; provisional examination results may be used as evidence;
  • Failure to attend English language assessment and attend in-sessional English language classes as directed by your Degree Programme Director;
  • Failure to attend briefings relating to health and safety, especially where they apply to laboratory work, and to pass any assessments in relation to these briefings that are designed to ensure that you are safe to operate in that environment;
  • Failure to attend or complete satisfactorily an INTO pre-sessional programme;
  • Breach of your visa conditions, as set out in the University General Regulations.