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Jane Robinson


Jane Robinson

Pro-Vice Chancellor, Engagement and Place

Jane is the University’s first Pro-Vice Chancellor, Engagement and Place and is building on many of the lessons she learned in her previous role as Chief Executive of Gateshead Council and Chief Operating Officer at Durham University. These include how culture plays a role in defining a ‘place’ and how partnerships can tackle social and economic challenges.

"I will be leading the delivery of our Engagement and Place strategy, which is about the positive impact we can have on economic, social and cultural wellbeing," she says. "I will be working with colleagues to ensure that our expertise is shared with external partners such as local authorities, voluntary groups, industry, and the NHS. Together we can make a difference."

Together we can make a difference.

Jane Robinson

"There are many examples, ranging from our work to engage local schools to helping businesses to innovate and student volunteering. And, of course, there’s our world-leading research into how people can lead healthier, more independent lives.

“I’ve lived and worked in the North East most of my life – it’s a great place and although there are many challenges, there are some great opportunities”, she says. “It is a real moment in time with the national debate about how universities can play a positive role benefiting society.

"This is an opportunity to make a step change in the relationships the University has and the impact we make in the region and beyond because we also aim to build on and develop our international partnerships.”

Jane also sees major benefits for the University, with proactive engagement contributing to education, research and the wider student experience.

“I hope to combine my direct experience of working with partners in a place and how you get things done within a university,” she says. “We aim to embed a culture of engagement across the University and make it easier for external partners to engage with us. We do amazing things here – there is more we can do, and I hope we can share our experiences locally and globally.”