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The Stephenson Building


The Stephenson Building

The place for people who make things happen. A beacon for world leading education, research and collaboration.

Investing in a world-class engineering facility

The redeveloped Stephenson building is the place for future engineers, researchers, designers, and visionaries to collaborate and tackle world challenges together. 

Stephenson is the home for people who make things work. 

The redevelopment is harnessing the building’s 70 years of heritage and transforming it into a hub for the future, a place to: 

  • engage, support, and challenge students to fulfil their potential 
  • drive transformative research across multiple disciplines 
  • boost the economy, social wellbeing, and cultural richness of Newcastle

Phase 1 of the redevelopment opened in September 2023. A second phase lasting 12 months is now underway renovating the original building's teaching and office spaces. The project will complete in September 2024.

The new Stephenson Building is part of our ongoing investment in exceptional facilities. It will deliver an outstanding student experience and a world leading environment for research and innovation.

Your gateway to a better world

From students and apprentices to academics and entrepreneurs, the new Stephenson will have a space dedicated to supporting you.  

The new site will feature: 

  • inclusive education spaces, such as the new Maker Space. This is a student-centred zone for interdisciplinary collaboration, creativity and entrepreneurship 
  • digital learning spaces with large flat-floor areas for flexible working 
  • multi-purpose teaching laboratories with flexibility to support multiple disciplines 
  • conference and exhibition space for 500+ delegates 

Extraordinary Research Hubs

The new Stephenson building will host three hubs for our research strengths: