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The Stephenson Building:
Innovation and Partnerships


The Stephenson Building:
Innovation and Partnerships

Be part of our work. Co-create research and innovation that expands fundamental knowledge, addresses global needs, supports sustainable economic growth, and promotes health and wellbeing.

Invest in the future of engineering

Our partners are a vital part in changing the world for the better. 

Drive forward world-leading engineering research and education agenda by investing in our revolutionary new Stephenson Building. 

This new building will be a hub for future engineers, researchers, designers, and visionaries to come together and tackle world challenges together. It will be the place to: 

  • engage, support, and challenge students to fulfil their potential 
  • drive transformative research across multiple disciplines 
  • boost the economy, social wellbeing, and cultural richness of Newcastle 

Choose the opportunity for you

There are a range of investment opportunities available: 

  • equipment and facilities 
  • learning partnerships 
  • studentships 
  • events 
  • naming opportunities

Contact us to find out more

Paul Tyack, Director of Advancement, Newcastle University

Tel:  0044 (0) 7875 518008

Research themes

The new Stephenson building will host three hubs for world-leading research: