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One Planet

We are working towards a better and fairer world, addressing challenges and creating a more sustainable future, protecting our planet for the benefit of all.

Enough for everyone, forever

As populations increase and industry multiplies, our planet is facing some of the biggest challenges it has ever known.   

The devastating impact of climate change is wreaking havoc on natural habitats and global ecosystems, endangering both plant and animal life. Beyond this, it is also creating a world in which we, as a society, need to be able to anticipate future change. We need to prepare for, and respond to hazardous events and disturbances on a vast scale.  

Whilst land and water pollution increase and air quality decreases, the exponential growth of energy requirements puts natural resources under extreme pressure. It’s more important than ever to develop sustainable energy systems for the future.  

We are supporting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals – seeking peace and prosperity for all people and the planet now and in the future. 

We’re working to ensure that there is enough, for everyone, forever. 

Opening up the universe for all

Meet Emma, a sixth form student who’s incredibly passionate about science and outer space.  

With the support of Katherine, her QTVI (Qualified Teacher of Vision Impairment), and through the work of our researchers, led by Dr Chris Harrison and supported by partners at Portsmouth University, Emma has been able to experience the universe through sound. 

The Audio Universe project explores new methods to represent data. It focuses on making the experience of learning about space, and making new scientific discoveries, accessible to all. Watch the film to discover the story.

We’re working together to create sustainable futures through discovery, education and innovation.

Professor Stephanie Glendinning

Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Faculty of Science, Agriculture and Engineering

Meeting the sustainability challenge

We are committed to embedding social and environmental justice throughout our activity. 

Our high performance in global rankings highlights our dedication to sustainable development. We rank in the top 100 in the world for sustainable development in the Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 2024. We are joint 30th in the world and 10th in the UK in the QS World University Rankings: Sustainability 2024

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) are embedded into every aspect of our University. They shape our estate operations and our approaches to teaching, research and innovation.  

Our sustainability team leads on embedding sustainability throughout campus activity

Our Global Challenges Academy advances research and partnerships to address the UNSDGs. 

In 2019, we committed to tackling climate change by joining others worldwide in declaring a climate emergency. 

Driving change in policy, industry and communities

We impact policies, industries, communities and regions to discover and encourage sustainable practices. Our pioneering work includes: 

  • driving the transition to low-carbon energy and transport in the UK and internationally 
  • developing new social and technical approaches to water security and sustainable development 
  • developing biotechnologies to create a new generation of living buildings 
  • safeguarding river deltas futures, through more resilient communities and sustainable development 
  • investigating the impact of plastics in our oceans and working to preserve and protect our coral reefs 
  • protecting species and their habitats in Asia, Africa, South America and Australasia 
  • influencing and exploring the legal dimensions of environmental regulation 
  • building resilience and limiting the impacts of climate and environmental change 
  • growing UK manufacturing in electrification and Power Electronics, Machines and Drives