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Black History Month


Black History Month

We are devoted to the pursuit of firm positive changes against racial injustice.

The Black History Month Steering Group is aimed at maximising the promotion, enhancement, and delivery of works that create impact towards the core values of:

  • Social Justice
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

The Steering Group is devoted to the pursuit of firm positive changes against racial injustice. Newcastle University is highly committed to this challenge and strives to meet it in all aspects of our society.

Through an intersectional lens, The Black History Month Steering Group promotes debate, listening, and sharing. These are ways we can raise awareness of racial discrimination and learn from different perspectives.


The group supports and sponsors a range of staff and student-led events. Typically around Black History Month itself but also throughout the year. We sponsor an annual Black History Month lecture as part of the University’s INSIGHTS lecture series also.

Projects and funding

Our group is delighted to be able to offer a funding programme for any Black History Month events, activities and projects you may be planning. This funding stream has been committed by Newcastle University. This supports our staff and students in developing and delivering events, activities or projects related to Black History Month. Not only during October but also throughout the year.

Strategic priorities:

The expectation is that applications will showcase one or more of the eight strategic priorities.

These include:

  • advancing our reputation for academic excellence in interdisciplinary working. This will be across disciplines in research, teaching and engagement
  • enhancing our Engagement and Place strategy. We can offer our city and regional partners and communities an opportunity to co-create and take part in the programme

Raising awareness:

  • our world-class teaching and learning facilities, including virtual platforms
  • our long-standing commitment to social justice and EDI
  • our aspiration to be a leading university for race equality

Useful opportunities:

  • share more of the work going on around the social justice theme of ‘race, religion and migration’
  • anti-racist research by colleagues across the University
  • showcasing the leading campaigning work of NUSU in these areas

Application form

To apply, please download our application form: