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Gender-Inclusive Language


Gender-Inclusive Language

How to recognise and avoid gendered biases and sexist language.

Double standard

  • ‘A rule or standard of good behaviour that, unfairly, some people are expected to follow or achieve but other people are not.’
  • ‘Applied specifically to a code of sexual behaviour that is more rigid for women than for men.’

– Cambridge Dictionary

Terms of address

Girls, guys

  • Girls can be seen as belittling when used about adult women in certain contexts.
  • Guys can be gender-neutral. It can refer to men and/or women indifferently. But this interpretation depends on the variety of English at stake. In England, not everyone perceives it as gender-neutral.

Other gender-specific words

Gender, as a system, does not only class us as either man or woman. It also confers to us certain attributes, and the social values behind such attributes.