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We’re Helping People
Live Healthier, Happier,
Longer Lives


We’re Helping People
Live Healthier, Happier,
Longer Lives

We are helping to create a world in which we all live better, for longer. From understanding rare diseases to multi-morbidity and ageing, we are helping to improve health and wellbeing for all.

Living better for longer

As people live longer and fertility rates decline, the proportion of older people in the population increases. This demographic shift has implications for healthcare, social care, the economy, and society as a whole.

We're also becoming more aware of the diseases that can affect our quality of life in later years. These diseases are avoidable if we take better care of ourselves.

Health inequalities in society persist as a result of various factors. These include socioeconomic status, race, and access to healthcare. Disparities lead to differential health outcomes, limited healthcare access, and unequal distribution of resources. This highlights the need for targeted interventions to address and reduce these inequalities.

We're helping to shape positive change in society across ageing and health, for the benefit of all.

Meet Alexander,
cancer survivor

Alexander was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a cancer of the developing nervous system, at the age of four. Our researchers were able to apply their ground-breaking developments to assessing, diagnosing and treating the disease.

Alexander was able to receive an additional form of targeted treatment that wouldn't otherwise have been available to him. It was a positive result for him and his family. Watch his film and discover his story.

Latest on ageing and health

Collaboration for improved ageing

Improved ageing starts with collaboration. Our NIHR Newcastle Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) is partnered with Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR).

We have a long history of excellence in translational research. We’re one of a small number of university and NHS partnerships to have been awarded NIHR BRC status in every funding round since 2007.

Though there are 20 BRCs across England, the Newcastle BRC is the only one that focuses on converting lab-based ageing research into practical and meaningful benefits for patients, the public and the health and care system.

Find out more about NIHR Newcastle Biomedical Research Centre

We are one of only eight Academic Health Science Centres in the UK. This means we bring the region's world-class research, NHS and city partners together. This centre is key to addressing health and social inequalities.

In 2016, we were the first University to become a partner of the International Longevity Centre, the UK’s specialist think tank on the impact of longevity on society.

Our Future Homes Alliance is developing new housing solutions for our ageing society. The development is an example of sustainable urban housing. Homes will feature innovative designs, creating flexible living space to suit residents’ changing needs. 66 homes are in development at our Newcastle Helix site.

National Innovation Centre for Ageing

We host the National Innovation Centre for Ageing. The team works with businesses to leverage the economic opportunities of demographic change.

The centre is also home to VOICE, a global community of patients, carers and other citizens.

They share their lived experience to focus research and development on needs and priorities.

Find out more about the National Innovation Centre for Ageing

The Catalyst building, home of the National Innovation Centre for Ageing. Image credit: Mark Slater