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War in Ukraine


War in Ukraine

Alongside our friends and partners across the City, we stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

Our response

We continue to watch in horror the terrible events unfolding in Ukraine and the devastating impact it is having on so many lives.

Alongside our friends and partners across the City, we stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and support their right to be a sovereign, self-governing state.

Our thoughts are with all those directly impacted by the Russian Federation’s invasion. We'll continue to do everything we can to support those affected.

We're in direct contact with all our staff and students who have links to Ukraine, Russia and the surrounding region. This is to provide any practical help and wellbeing support they might need.

We're working with Universities UK (UUK) and the Russell Group to identify and address issues for those affected as a matter of urgency.


Support for our colleagues and students

We know many people in the community are being impacted by this war. We offer support to all our students, colleagues and alumni with links to Ukraine and Russia, as well as Belarus, Lithuania and other bordering nations.

As a University of Sanctuary, we are committed to providing a welcoming place of safety for all.

Through CARA  (the Council for At Risk Academics), we'll continue to identify opportunities to assist academics threatened in the current conflict. And for students, we've introduced the NU Sanctuary Scholarship Scheme.

We're working to extend the support we can provide. We're working with our colleagues in the sector and local partners and organisations. We're committed to offering all the help we can to those who need it.

Support for students

Below you'll find some of the ways we are supporting students impacted by the current conflict.

Support for academics

Below you'll find some of the ways we are supporting academics impacted by the current conflict.

Ways you can help

There are many ways you can help those impacted by the current conflict. We have listed a few ways you can offer support to those that need it.

Expert comment from NCL academics

As the war between Russia and Ukraine continues to develop, NCL academics are advancing public awareness of the situation through expert comment and analysis.

NCL in the media

Some of the commentary provided by our experts across broadcast, print and online media include:

24 February. Dr Robert Dale comments on Vladimir Putin’s address to the Russian nation and what it reveals about his intentions concerning Ukraine - BBC Radio Newcastle

25 February. Dr Martin Farr outlines his thoughts on Vladimir Putin’s intentions in invading Ukraine - BBC Cumbria

1 March. Emeritus Professor David Saunders tells Alfie Joey that Vladimir Putin may have overestimated how easy it would be to invade Ukraine and his frustration may make him more barbaric - BBC Radio Newcastle. 

4 March. Dr Katharine Wright talks to Alfie Joey about Ukraine’s relationship with NATO, how NATO has responded to recent conflicts and what its options are in relation to the war in Ukraine - BBC Radio Newcastle

6 March. Putin's war on Ukraine is against the 'Idea of Europe' - Professor Stella Ghervas, Read: Nikkei Asia

8 MarchDr Robert Dale comments on Vladimir Putin’s offer of ‘humanitarian corridors’ - BBC Radio Newcastle

8 March. Comment: A feminist perspective on the Russian-Ukraine War - Dr Katharine Wright, Read: LSE Women

12 March. Should I stay or should I go has become the dilemma for rich Russians in London - Dr Valentina Feklyunina, Read: Globe and Mail (Canada)

15 March. Ukraine: What does neutrality mean, and could it lead to peace? - Dr Katharine Wright, Read: Al Jazeera

16 March. Russia’s colonial legacy and the war in Ukraine - Professor Alastair Bonnett, Read: Geographical magazine

17 March. There is no feminist view in the NATO debate - Dr Katharine Wright, Read: Global396 magazine

3 April. 100 years ago the father of geopolitics foresaw Russia’s attack on Ukraine - Professor Nick Megoran, Read: Kristeligt Dagblad, Denmark

11 April. Den starkes rätt - Dr Katharine AM Wright discusses the gender bias in war - Dr Katharine Wright, Read: Tidningen Global, Sweden

15 April. ‘Unity and strength’: Why Finland and Sweden will join NATO - Dr Katharine Wright, Read: Al Jazeera

5 May. Ukraine war: Russian tests and Putin’s threats recall the nuclear fears of the cold war - Dr Michael Mulvihill, Read: The Conversation

9 May. The Russian May 9 holiday points to the toxicity of the country’s politics of memory - Dr Rob Dale, Read: Coda


From Newcastle Podcast

Listen to the From Newcastle Ukraine Special Series:

Ukraine Special Part 1: Russia and Ukraine: A brief history with Dr Rob Dale

Ukraine Special Part 2: Perspectives from Russia’s Neighbours with Dr Maarja Luhiste and Dr Jemima Repo

Ukraine Special Part 3: Britain’s Response to Ukraine with Dr Martin Farr