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Widening Participation


Widening Participation

Newcastle University hosts a progressive programme of outreach interventions. We welcome the brightest and best students, regardless of their background.

We have a longstanding commitment to widening participation and equal opportunities. This is outlined in our Access and Participation Plan.

Progressive outreach activities for schools and colleges

We provide a University-wide programme of outreach to students and staff in schools and colleges from across the UK. We work in partnership with teachers, current students and our graduates. Our range of activities and workshops includes a focus on cognitive skills, pupil attainment and a sense of belonging.

Each year, we deliver around 800 in-school sessions and engage with over 100,000 pupils.

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PARTNERS Programme supported entry route

Over 9,000 widening participation students have completed the Programme PARTNERS. Each student benefited from a lower contextual offer of entry and a free residential summer school.

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Contextual offers

Our commitment to widening participation includes University admissions. When considering each undergraduate application, we review UCAS data. This includes socio-economic postcode data, school or college and/or personal circumstances. It enables us to set each student’s academic achievements in the context of their circumstances. We can then make contextual offers where appropriate.

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National and regional collaboration

We lead the following national and regional widening participation partnerships: