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ResLife supports all of our students within University-owned and managed partnership accommodation. We’re here to make your first year the best it can be as you make the transition into higher education and independent living.


ResLife are here to help you with all aspects of settling into university life, from arriving at your new home, to making friends, finding your way around campus, and becoming an active member of your academic community. The ways we support you include: 

  • ResHacks – Practical life skills delivered through TikTok @ReslifeNCL on topics such as healthy living, finance and budgeting, safety and security, how to use your home amenities, how to get along with your flatmates and more.   
  • ReConnect – ReConnect sessions are held every Monday and Friday 10:00-12:00 during term time. Here, you can drop in and speak to your ResLife Coordinators for general independent living tips, support or signposting to other services. Visit our Instagram @reslife_ncl for more information.
  • Find a Flatmate - ResLife collaborate with the likes of the Student's Union to bring hacks on finding the right home for you in year two. 

And it doesn’t stop here. We will support you in preparing yourself to find your home for second year.

Student villages

Our lively student communities create a sense of belonging throughout your stay. Wherever you live, you’ll be a part of a safe and fully inclusive community within our two student villages - Park View Student Village (PVSV) and Kensington/Park Student Village (KPSV). Each of these villages have a dedicated ResLife Coordinator, who is supported by ResLife Student Assistants to help the social, academic and personal integration of new students into our accommodation. 

Each student village has its own unique feel and vibrant atmosphere. 

If you’re living in a managed partnership accommodation, you still belong to one of our student villages: 

Bryson Court - Kensington Park Student Village 
Rosedale Court - Kensington Park Student Village 
Turner Court - Kensington Park Student Village
Newgate Court – Kensington Park Student Village 
Byron Central - Kensington Park Student Village 
Manor Bank - Kensington Park Student Village
The View - Park View Student Village
Verde - Park View Student Village
Wellington St Plaza  – Park View Student Village 


ResHacks teaches you everything you need to know about independent living, and transitioning into University.    

Topics include: 

  • getting on with your housemates and neighbours
  • how to budget  
  • Independent living: cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc.
  • looking after each other  
  • sustainability AKA ResAction

Keep an eye on our social media channels to stay up to date with all things ResLife:

Re-Think and ReConnect

ResLife deliver sessions on some very important subjects, which you could be asked to attend because of an incident. These sessions are designed to give you an opportunity to reflect on your behaviours, and make sure you're up to scratch ready for when you move into the wider community in second year. At the end of these sessions, you'll have gained a better understanding of the subject, and will be more familiar with the University's wider welfare support services. 

Topics include: 

  • fire safety 
  • drugs & alcohol awareness 
  • anti-social behaviour 
  • respect

The Student Behaviour team will invite you to directly to book onto one of these sessions, when required.


From social events to life skills workshops, ResLife has something for everyone. We’re here to build a sense of belonging and community through an organised events programme running 6 days/week.   

ResLife activities include: 

  • arts and crafts  
  • book clubs  
  • culture exchange  
  • foosball  
  • giveaways  
  • movie nights 
  • Nintendo Switches, PS5s and games nights
  • orientation tours 
  • pizza and cake nights  
  • quiz nights


Discover what students think of their experience at Newcastle University. See our Testimonials.

ResLife has been there for me since the very start. Living in a new city abroad, which doesn’t share much of your culture, can be very intimidating. ResLife has helped me ease into, not only University, but this city and country, as well.