Living With Us

Living with Us

Find out information about our accommodation.

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A welcoming environment

As your landlord, the University takes its responsibilities seriously; we aim to provide a comfortable living environment for you to study and relax in. Living in our accommodation also gives you a unique opportunity to meet people from all kinds of cultural and social backgrounds, and make friends for life. 

Access to great facilities

Our residences have an extensive range of facilities, and you'll be able to choose between catered or self-catered, en-suite, washbasin or standard rooms. 

Simple, transparent pricing

Our transparent pricing structure, inclusive of most fees, makes it easier for you to budget. We offer flexible payment terms to help you spread the cost.

We also take care of the fiddly bits so that you can concentrate on settling in and getting to your lectures on time. Insurance, Internet and utility bills (up to a set amount in some accommodation) are all included in your rent. Some rents even include a TV licence.

Flexibility and choice

Contracts cover the full academic year and include the Christmas and Easter vacation periods. There's no need to empty your room when you head back home for short visits.

Summer extensions are available if you want to stay in the city over the summer for a job, to travel or to socialise.

Safety and security

We take the safety of our students very seriously. The Estate Security Officers patrol our accommodation to ensure your peace of mind, and the majority of our residences have entryphone systems and CCTV. In case of emergencies, we always have someone on call - 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Student Accommodation Code

We're signed up to The Student Accommodation Code, which protects your rights to safe, good quality accommodation and ensures you get the best out of your time living with us. You can find out more about the code on the official SAC website.