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Joining Newcastle University through Clearing? We're here to help.

We're still working on updating this page with information for 2024-25. Please check back soon.

Guaranteed accommodation

We want to help make the process of clearing less stressful and that’s why we have our Clearing and Insurance Guarantee. This means that we will guarantee you accommodation so long as you meet our eligibility criteria. The guarantee is an offer of a room which may be in University-owned, a managed partnership, or occasionally with a local accommodation provider.

Available accommodation 

When applying for accommodation through Clearing, our availability will be limited. When you apply, you'll only be able to choose accommodation that is still available at the time of your application.

If your favourite accommodation has sold out, don't worry, we're confident you'll have a great experience wherever you live. Remember that it’s the people who you live with that make your experience, not the location. Our former resident, Cecily, tells us of her experience of not getting her chosen accommodation but still having a great time anyway, in her blog.

We expect to have availability in our managed partnership accommodation, Portland GreenThis is a modern and well equipped purpose built student accommodation located in the Ouseburn

Applying for accommodation

To be eligible for the Clearing and Insurance Guarantee you must have applied for accommodation by 28 August 2023. To apply, follow these steps:

If you applied for accommodation with us before entering Clearing, you do not have to apply again. 


Offers of accommodation

We will begin sending offers of accommodation to guaranteed students from 29 August onwards, or once all firm offer holders have been allocated a room

After processing your application, you will receive an email to say that you've got an accommodation offer. This email will provide further instructions on how to view and action your offer. If you have a room in University owned accommodation, you action this on the accommodation portal. If you have a room in a managed partnership, you will action the offer on their system. Your offer is time limited, so make sure you take note of the expiry date.

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