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Research Enhancement Fund – Travel and Conference Funding

Information for Applicants for Travel and Conference Funding

Guidance for Applicants to the Doctoral College Research Enhancement Fund (DCREF) - Travel and Conference Funding

As a registered Doctoral or MPhil student, you are encouraged to apply for funding to undertake a wide range of personal development activities that might not normally be available in an Academic Unit.  This fund provides support so that you can take advantage of opportunities afforded by participation in UK and International events and conferences throughout the year.  

This funding is not designed to replace funding that you receive from your Academic Unit and you will need to investigate alternative sources of funding prior to making your application.

You will need a supporting statement from your Academic Supervisor to confirm that this opportunity has the potential to enhance your research and experience.  You will need to detail how you will be engaging in the event, for example by presenting a paper or organising a workshop.  The application needs to explain how this will add value or impact to your research and you will need to demonstrate the outcomes and outputs that would be result of this activity.

Please ensure you consult the PGR Travel Guidance  especially in relation to travel abroad and the need for a risk assessment.

Please ensure you demonstrate value for money with realistic costings for the activity.  Please bear in mind that the maximum award is usually £1500.

Student feedback

"Thanks to funding from the Doctoral College, I was able to attend the full Butterfly Conservation Symposium 2023....this was an invaluable experience, and from what I learned, the ideas I had, and the connections I made, I will be benefitting for years to come. "

"the conference was a fantastic experience which has already been beneficial to both my research and professional network.....and I am deeply grateful to the DCEF Travel Bursary for making this trip possible." 

"I am very grateful for the DCEF in allowing me to attend a large, international conference to present work and foster connections that I hope will continue to support my research career after completion of my PhD and beginning my career as a clinical academic."

Further Information:

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If you have any queries please contact us at