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Knaresborough and Irchester Roman Hoards

Project Principle Investigator: Dr James Gerrard

Project Co-Investigator : Marco Romeo-Pitone

Student collaborator: Jessica Petrie


The Knaresborough and Irchester Roman Hoards Project (KNIROH) is a re-evaluation of two of the greatest late Roman copper-alloy vessels hoards found in Britain.

Project description

Working with the Yorkshire Museum’s Old Collections, New Questions initiative, we have undertaken a comprehensive review of the Knaresborough (Yorks.) hoard. Research has focussed on the archaeological recording of the surviving vessels, a detailed documentary and cartographic project to understand the circumstances of the hoard’s discovery (involving special collections at Leeds University) and scientific analysis of the vessels using pXRF. Jessica Petrie’s MA dissertation provided the preliminary analysis with further work undertaken by the PI, CO-I and other collaborators which will culminate in a  major article in the Antiquaries Journal. The PI has presented this research at seminars and conferences at Newcastle University, Helsinki University and the Roman Finds Group conference. He has also spoken to the Knaresborough Historical Society.

Funds have been generously provided by the Roman Finds Group and the Northamptonshire Archaeological Society to undertake scientific analysis of the copper-alloy vessels in Irchester Hoard. This research has been delayed by COVID19 but we are especially interested in comparing the compositions of the vessels at Knaresborough and Irchester. We hope that this work will culminate in a major article in the journal Britannia on Irchester bowls and their relationship with early medieval hanging bowls.