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Jack Kennedy

Jack Kennedy

Project title

'Elicitation for uncertainty analysis in integrated energy systems models'

Project description

My PhD project concerns the use of complex computer models (especially stochastic models) in large engineering projects with a particular emphasis on reliability and maintenance models for offshore wind farms.

I utilise Bayesian emulators – Gaussian Process surrogates - to perform otherwise computationally infeasible tasks such as sensitivity analysis and decision analysis. I am also interested in the subjective elicitation of probability distributions and utility functions and uncertainty quantification in general.

Research Interests

My research interests include:

  • elicitation of prior beliefs
  • statistical (Bayesian) analysis of computer code output
  • uncertainty analysis

Other Interests

Outside of my PhD I am a committee member of the Young Statistician’s Section of the Royal Statistical Society.


I received an MMathStat from Newcastle University in 2018.