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Making Contacts

Making Contacts

Make contact with people who already work in the areas you’re interested in.

Making useful contacts

One of the best ways to boost your chances in the jobs market is to make sure you are as well-informed as possible.

Making contacts and networking can be invaluable for your career, whether it's to help you research possible career options, find out more about an employer or ask for advice and insights from people working in areas that interest you.

Many people are willing to help, and opinions and advice are things that almost everyone can offer.

Connect with graduates

Want to find out what graduates have done with a similar degree? Interested in a particular company or sector?

Connect with graduates to find out:

  • what they did after graduation
  • what it’s really like to work in a particular job or organisation
  • how they got there – what kind of experience did they have, where else have they worked
  • how could you stand out in applications and interviews

Connect with Newcastle graduates on the University's Alumni of Newcastle University LinkedIn group.

See also Newcastle alumni on LinkedIn for advice on contacting graduates through LinkedIn.

Connect with employers

Meeting employers at recruitment events and employer and sector insights is a great way to learn about the opportunities on offer and assess whether the company is right for you.

You can also follow and connect with employers on their social media channels, such as LinkedIn. Engage with recruiters: ask questions and add comments, making sure these are always polite and professional.

Both Graduate Mentor and The 1 Hour Project aim to match students with business professionals who can provide invaluable insights. Sign up to be connected with an industry expert for a one hour session. 

More help

Find practical advice on how to approach people for advice and information in Information Interviews.

If you need more support with making contacts to help your job search or career planning, book an online appointment with an information adviser

View our online tutorial on making connections on LinkedIn.

You can also get advice on:

CareerMatch has useful advice on how to network to find a job.