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Making Contacts

Making Contacts

Make contact with people who already work in the areas you’re interested in.

Making useful contacts

One of the best ways to boost your chances in the jobs market is to make sure you are as well-informed as possible and that people know you and what you can do.

Most people are willing to help and opinions and advice are things that almost everyone can offer.

Connect with employers

You can connect with employers and find out more about organisations via social media.

Find practical advice on how to approach people for advice and information in Information Interviews.

Connect with graduates

Connect with graduates to find out:

  • what they did after graduation
  • what kind of work they do
  • how they got there

You can connect with graduates through Newcastle alumni on LinkedIn.

More help

If you need more help with making contacts to aid your job search or career planning, book an online appointment with an information adviser

View our online tutorial on making connections on LinkedIn.

You can also get advice on:

CareerMatch has useful advice on how to network to find a job.

Edinburgh University's interactive Networking Game is aimed at PhD students but has tips for anyone who is unsure about networking.