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Student Sickness and Absence Procedure

Student Sickness and Absence Procedure

Where illness or other reason prevents you from studying for more than three working days, you should complete an Absence Request Form via S3P.

The form is not compulsory, but if a teaching event is monitored and there is no authorised absence request then the absence will be recorded as unauthorised. The form can be used to report sickness or absence for shorter periods, but is not compulsory.

If illness prevents you from studying for more than seven calendar days, you should obtain a medical certificate from you doctor and forward it to your academic school or tutor/supervisor as soon as possible. Along with a PEC application, if appropriate.

You may submit a self-certification PEC on up to two occasions per Semester (1 & 2), totalling four in an academic year to request a short extension (up to 7 days) to an assessment deadline submission for minor illnesses or distress, without needing to provide medical evidence. Please note, a self-certification PEC cannot be used for examinations, repeat attempts, deferrals or extraordinary assessments.

The Absence Request Form is also used for absences other than for sickness, e.g. time away from the University for personal reasons or masters student summer vacation. These absence reasons also require evidence if they will be used to support a PEC application.

Completing the form

The form is available on S3P and should be used by all students except Medical and Dental students. See absence request for advice on completing the form on S3P.

Medical and Dental students should use the Student Absence Request (PDF) form and send it to their academic units. If you’re using a MAC please complete the PDF form using Acrobat Reader for Mac which is a free download. If you use a different PDF reader you may experience some problems completing or submitting the form.

Confidential letter

If you are reluctant for details of your illness to be made known, even to your tutor, you can provide your tutor a confidential letter in a sealed envelope for the Chair of the PEC Committee or Board of Examiners. This can be addressed as appropriate for the Chair’s eyes only.