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Use of Body Worn Video Policy

Estate Security Service


Newcastle University Estate Security Service is committed to maximising its effectiveness in tackling anti-social behaviour, reducing crime and disorder and maintaining a safe, secure environment for staff, students and members of the public whilst on University property.In support of this strategy, Body Worn Video (BWV) technology has been introduced for use by security staff for operational purposes.


The introduction of BWV is to:

  • reduce crime and disorder
  • reduce anti-social behaviour
  • provide a safe and secure environment
  • reduce potential escalation of incidents
  • augment opportunities for evidence capture

General principles

The general principles regarding BWV are as follow:

  • BWV will only be used when operationally necessary in support of the aims outlined above
  • any use of BWV as an operational tool by frontline staff must be justifiable and proportionate to the issue at hand
  • if BWV is used then careful consideration must be given to the use of a comprehensive strategy to comply with ‘fair processing’ of recorded information within the terms of the General Data Protection Regulation 2018. The basic legal requirement is to comply with the GDPR, however the Estate Security Section also considers their obligations in the wider legislative environment with relation to;  Human Rights Act (HRA) 1998, Freedom of Information Act (FOI) 2000 &

The Protection of Freedom Act (POFA) 2012 - including Home Office Surveillance Camera Code of Practice pursuant to Section 30 (1)(a) of FOPA 2012.

In order to maintain good practice, the Estate Security Service will use BWV as advised by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) Code of Practice for Surveillance Cameras & Personal Information 2014

  • any use of BWV should be considered alongside prevailing interaction and impact on staff, students or members of the public that may be present
  • standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that clearly demonstrate acceptable usage of BWV will be available to all users (frontline and management) at all levels of recording, data storage and data retrieval
  • estate Security Service staff are to comply with this Policy document and SOPs when gathering evidence or information, ensuring the quality and integrity of that evidence or information
  • this Policy document and associated SOPs must be followed at any incident where BWV is or has been used
  • Estate Security Service has a BWV evidence management system. This system will ensure compliance of all relevant legislation and provide a full audit trail maintaining evidential continuity
  • security staff will use the equipment in line with this Policy document and SOPs. They will receive full instruction in its use and the relevant legislation
  • all staff will use the equipment in line with Estate Security Service risk assessment.
  • all frontline security staff will have full training from an identified administrator or lead before using BWV. These staff will receive their own copy of this Policy document and SOPs and will confirm their receipt, reading and understanding of these documents after which, they will be authorised to use the equipment
  • BWV archived footage will not routinely be viewed for misdemeanours or unlawful acts committed by users, but if a complaint is received, interrogation of the system is an appropriate line of enquiry and may be instigated
  • all requests for reviews may only be actioned on the authority of the Security Manager or appointed deputy
  • Estate Security Service risk assessment will be produced to give guidance on the use of BWV and associated equipment. This must be used in conjunction with other Generic risk assessments. All trained staff will use the equipment in line with published risk assessments
  • Estate Security Service Management will monitor the use of BWV to ensure the equipment is an appropriate tool and that its use is in line with this Policy and procedures

Financial implications

All costs relating to the deployment and use of the BWV equipment will be the sole responsibility of the Estate Security Service.


This document is to be reviewed in the light of any legal and procedural changes to ensure that the use of BWV is appropriate to the Estate Security Section aims.

Additionally, a tri-annual review will take place to update the Policy as/if required.

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Shed Coulthard
Estates Security Manager Implementation date: 10 May 2013
Next Review date: 20 March 2024