Room Allocation

Room Allocation

This is how we will process your application.

How it works

Every applicant is assigned a randomly generated number which is used to determine the order of allocation. These numbers are assigned by a computer and don’t take into consideration the date of application. This means that we can allocate rooms in a way that is as fair as possible.

We then look at each students’ accommodation choices and try to match these with vacant rooms. If there are no vacancies in your chosen accommodation, we will offer a suitable alternative. We will make every effort to offer you a place in your chosen accommodation, but we cannot guarantee this due to the popularity of some residences. 

If you have a medical need

Students who have medical needs or disabilities are considered on a case-by-case basis. If you have a medical condition or disability (including any hidden disability) or any special requirement for a specific type of accommodation, please include details of this on the online Accommodation Application to help us find the most suitable location for you. If you don't include this information, your accommodation offer might be unsuitable for you.

If you have a special requirement

We do not allocate students based on their interests or course; however, we do have a small selection of rooms designated as 'alcohol free/quiet areas' for undergraduate students. Please note that these areas will be self-policed and are not guaranteed due to the small availability.

Wherever possible, mature undergraduate students are placed together or with postgraduate students.