How to Apply

How to Apply

Find out how to apply for university accommodation.

Use our online application to apply for university accommodation. You will be able to make selections based on your requirements. There are several stages to the application as outlined below; you can watch our video walkthrough for a more detailed guide.

There is no rush to complete the online application, as we do not make room allocations based on the date you complete it. But remember to refer to deadline dates linked to our New Student Guarantee to make sure you complete your application by the required date to match the criteria relevant to you.  This gives you the opportunity to review all our residences and think carefully about which options are right for you. Further information is available on how and when we allocate our rooms.

We will begin making allocations in early July, so our advice is, where possible complete the application by 30 June 2018

Applications for the 2018/19 academic year are now open.


If you need assistance completing the online application, please refer to:

If you've still got any questions, contact us.