How to Apply

How to Apply

Find out how to apply for university accommodation.

We are now accepting applications from students arriving in the second semester of academic year 2021/22.

If you are due to join us in September 2022, you won't be able to apply just yet. See our FAQs for further information. 

Applications are made through our online application portal, where you will be able to make selections based on your requirements. There are several steps to the application as outlined below.

There is no rush to complete the online application, as we do not make room allocations based on the date you complete it; just remember to refer to our New Student Guarantee to make sure you complete your application by the required date. Further information is available on how and when we allocate our rooms.

If you are a current student applying for accommodation for the remainder of the academic year 2020/21, please contact us.


If you need assistance completing the online application, please refer to:

If you've still got any questions, contact us.