Receiving Your Offer

Receiving Your Offer

When your application has been processed, we'll send you an accommodation offer by email.

We always aim to allocate accommodation according to your accommodation choices, but where this is not possible, we use your 'Alternative Preferences' to select you an alternative residence or room type.

This means that we will still offer you a purpose built study bedroom, even if it's not one that you have chosen.

Accommodation offer

If you are offered University-owned accommodation you will receive an email asking you to log in to our website to view and accept the offer.

If we offer you a place in managed partnership accommodation you will be sent an email directing you to the company's online system so you can register and accept the offer.

Offer decision

Accept your offer

Read through all of the information carefully, as upon acceptance you will be creating a legally binding contract.

Make sure you accept the offer by the expiry date. If you don't, the offer will be withdrawn and the room will be given to another student.

Reject your offer

Think very carefully before rejecting the offer. You won't be given another one and you'll have to find your own alternative accommodation.

Cancelling your offer

If you are unsuccessful in obtaining a place to study with us, we will automatically cancel your accommodation offer.