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Newgate Court

Newgate Court is located a short walk from the University campus, in the heart of the city centre. This accommodation offers modern, self-catered en-suite rooms, priced at £173 per week.

Accommodation for

  • Undergraduate

Room type

  • En Suite


  • Self-catered

Contract length

  • 40 weeks

Price range (Per week)
£173.00 to £173.00


Newgate Court is one of our managed partnership residences, owned by Unite Students. 

Located just a 12-minute walk from the Students' Union, Newgate Court is conveniently placed in the heart of the city centre. This stylish accommodation provides modern bedrooms in a great location near shops, restaurants, bars and supermarkets. Each flat includes 6 to 10 en-suite rooms with fantastic social spaces. 


Newgate Court is situated in the heart of the city centre, close to all shops, cafes, bars and attractions. Newcastle University's Business School, Frederick Douglass Centre, and Urban Sciences Building are only a short walk away and it takes about 12 minutes to reach the Students' Union. 


Newgate Court
Grainger Street
Newcastle upon Tyne 
Telephone: 0117 302 7361

Reception opening times 

Monday to Sunday: 07.00 - 22.00
Safety staff on site
Monday to Sunday: 22.00 - 07.00 

‌Key points and facilities

Newgate Court offers 200 en-suite rooms in flats shared between 6-10 undergraduate students. 

This stylish accommodation offers en-suite rooms with small double beds in flats of 6-10 bedrooms. Each flat has a lounge/kitchen where you can relax at the end of a hard day. You'll also benefit from a courtyard and a large communal social space equipped with pool table, table tennis, cinema room and a quiet study area. 

Accommodation fees

Newgate Court is one of our Managed Partnership residences, owned by Unite Students. The terms of contract differ to that of the university, and you will require a guarantor and an upfront payment of £250. 

The contract is a fixed term period of 40 weeks covering the academic year. Rents are charged per week, so if your contract differs to the fixed term period (i.e. earlier arrival), you will incur additional accommodation charges. All utility bills are included; WiFi is free, and they also provide Personal Possessions Insurance via Endsleigh Insurance.