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Centre for Cancer

A Newcastle University Centre of Research Excellence.

Latest news and events from the Centre for Cancer

New research reveals key reasons behind low cancer survival rates in rural Yorkshire
How “chameleon cancers” can change their colours to survive treatment
Hope for young cancer patients thanks to clinical trial at Newcastle Hospitals

Latest from Newcastle

Stopping the awakening of leukaemia stem cells to prevent relapse

Why myeloid leukaemias start to grow again after chemotherapy has killed the bulk of cancerous cells, and how growth may be blocked by repurposed drugs, may have been solved by new research.

Honorary lecturer wins Researcher of the Year award

The Newcastle University lecturer was presented with a national award for his innovation in surgery during an awards ceremony in Leeds.

£30M study paves the way for new treatments for people with cirrhosis

The most extensive clinical study into liver cirrhosis ever conducted worldwide has been announced.