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Postgraduate Research

A bespoke training environment for cancer researchers of the future.

We have a vibrant postgraduate research community.

Our research students primarily work in multi-disciplinary teams of researchers. They address important research questions for most of the different cancer types. Individual research areas of interest are listed under our academic staff.

Our community includes non-clinical graduate students and clinical fellows. Clinical fellows are normally undertaking a higher degree as part of their medical training. Programmes of research include PhD, MD, and several Masters degree programmes that span all areas of cancer research.

Our training environment

We provide a high-quality bespoke training environment for cancer researchers of the future, delivered by today’s experts. Our major activities include:

New student induction

A week-long, cancer-specific induction course is provided to all new students that highlights the breadth of translational cancer research at Newcastle University.

Mentoring, support and careers

We provide expert-led mentoring in cancer research. All postgraduates are assigned a mentor and student focussed mentoring groups are held termly. We link to career advice and development opportunities provided by Newcastle University Career Service.

Seminar series

All students attend weekly seminar series delivered by local and invited international cancer experts.

Postgraduate research conferences

Our student community organises an annual cancer conference open to all postgraduate students with cancer interests.


We provide funding to support attendance of postgraduate researchers at National and International cancer conferences.


Through our institutional EDI strategy and dedicated working groups, events and projects we aim to create a positive, supportive culture for everyone to reach their potential.

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