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Liver Cancer

Fighting liver cancer on multiple fronts.

Our aging UK population is facing an epidemic of lifestyle associated liver disease. Deaths from liver cancer are rising markedly as a consequence.

Many present at advanced stages, with poor liver function and fitness, when treatment options are limited.

Liver Cancer research

Our mission

Our mission is to combat this disease on all fronts. We work on prevention and early detection. And we also want to improve people's fitness and treatment opportunities.

To deliver these goals we work to:

  • improve understanding of the environment in which cancers develop
  • learn how to adjust that environment

Clinical setting

Our clinical Newcastle-upon-Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust team delivers outstanding care. We also recruit the majority of our patients with liver cancer into a dynamic clinical research programme.

Each year, hundreds of patients share their tissues and data with us. from those samples, we focus on immune cells and their interactions with cancer cells and their surroundings.

We work with scientists in our Biosciences Institute and Translational and Clinical Research Institute. We aim to identify:

  • novel prevention
  • early diagnosis
  • treatment strategies
  • biomarkers to guide use

This work is funded by Cancer Research UK.

Patient support group

We also have a growing patient support group. It includes a:

  • dietician and physiotherapy team ( Newcastle-upon-Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust)
  • sports scientist
  • immunologist
  • technician
  • project manager

Together they deliver educational and interactive content through our patient website: They also explore the impact of lifestyle change on quality of life and the anticancer immune system.

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