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Cell Signalling

Identifying the molecular events that are dysregulated in cancer.

The cells in our bodies communicate with each other. They also respond to signals from their environment. Disruptions of these cellular signalling events underlie many diseases, including cancer.

We investigate signalling pathways in healthy and cancer cells. We do this to identify the molecular events that are dysregulated in cancer.

We work to:

  • define oncogenic and tumour suppressor signalling networks
  • understand the genetic and epigenetic changes involved in cancer initiation and progression
  • exploit and understand DNA damage signalling and autophagy in cancer cells
  • identify new therapeutic targets for the treatment of several cancers
  • uncover the mechanisms of resistance to cancer therapies

We make use of genomics, proteomics, gene editing and fluorescence imaging techniques in a range of pre-clinical cellular models to interrogate cell signalling pathways.

Cell signalling students