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Colorectal Cancer

We aim to stop people dying through research into screening, prevention and early diagnosis.

We aim to deliver a step change in colorectal cancer research. Our strategy is to build the world’s largest ‘experimental platform’ for colorectal cancer prevention and early diagnosis research. We call this platform COLO-SPEED: Colorectal Cancer Screening Prevention Endoscopy and Early Diagnosis (COLO-SPEED).

We aim to:

  • better understand the preventable causes of colorectal cancer and explore ways to address them
  • understand risk factors, target interventions and screening for those at increased risk
  • explore novel diagnostic and risk markers
  • improve the understanding and quality of diagnostic tests

We are undertake research into:

  • risk factors for CRC and pre cancer (COLO-SPEED, OSCAR, COLOCOHORT)
  • improving detection of CRC and pre cancer (COLO-DETECT)
  • understanding lifestyle factors for CRC and pre cancer
  • chemoprevention of CRC
  • treating late consequences of cancer treatment (COLO-SPIRIT)
  • understanding patient experience of diagnostic tests

Investigators: Rees, Sharp, Rutter, Burn, Mathers, Orange, Kelly, Dobson, Lee

Colorectal team