School of History, Classics and Archaeology

Staff Profile

Dr Mark Jackson

Senior Lecturer in Archaeology


Roles and Responsibilities

Head of Archaeology

Manager of the Gertrude Bell Photographic Archive


Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice 2007

PhD 2001 Title: "Kilise Tepe in Byzantine Isauria"

MA 1996 Methods in Byzantine Archaeology

BA (Hons) 1995 Archaeology

Previous Positions

2005-2017, Lecturer in Archaeology, Newcastle University

2004-2005 Research Fellow, AHRB Centre for Byzantine Cultural History, Newcastle University

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I am very happy to discuss potential topics with candidates who wish to undertake a PhD at Newcastle University in my areas of research interest. Please feel free to contact me. 

Research Interests

My research is based mostly on the Eastern Mediterranean with a focus on Turkey, Greece and Cyprus. I work especially on:

  • Late Roman and Byzantine Archaeology (including settlement and houses, ceramics, churches and pilgrimage) 
  • Survey methods, landscapes and cultural heritage
  • History of Archaeology and early archaeologists
  • Historic archives in contemporary contexts e.g. with children and minority communities
  • Approaches to Archaeology, Text and Art

Other Expertise

As Manager of the Gertrude Bell Photographic Archive, I have a research interest in Gertrude Bell and other archaeologists of the 19th and early 20th century. Co-Author (with Ian Johnson) of successful application for the inscription of the Gertrude Bell Archive as UNESCO International Memory of the World

Current and Recent Research Projects involving colleagues in Newcastle and beyond include: 

Apalirou Environs Survey, Naxos. Working particularly on the Byzantine ceramics.

Kilise Tepe, in the Göksu Valley, Turkey. Co-Director for Byzantine at Kilise Tepe, since 2007 with Prof. J.N.Postgate (Cambridge). (see eprints)

Gertrude Bell Comics. A recent collaboration with Lydia Wysocki, comic artist John Miers, the Young Archaeologists Club and the Robinson Library resulted in our production of the Gertrude Bell comics to encourage school students into primary texts. Funded by ESRC-IAA. 

Dr Stefania Ermidoro British Academy Visiting Fellow, 'Unfolding a Victorian Archive. The Layard Collection at Newcastle University' and 'Austen Henry Layard in Newcastle and Beyond'    

Dr Mihail Mitrea Sacred Landscapes in Late Byzantium. Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellow  

'Beyond Destruction' Collaborator (with RA Dr Niveen Kassem). Funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) as part of AHRC First World War Public Engagement Centres Centre for Hidden Histories Lead Collaborator Prof. John Beckett (Nottingham)  

CHiLaT - 'Cultural Heritage in Landscape: Planning for Development in Turkey'. RCUK-TUBITAK Newton Project (Co-I, with PIs: Prof. Sam Turner and Prof. Engin Nurlu (Ege University, Turkey)

'Unlocking the Ionian Landscape: Historic Landscapes of Urla-Çeşme Peninsula (Izmir, Turkey)' Fellow: Dr Elif Koparal (Co-I with Prof. Sam Turner)

Bogsak Archaeological Survey directed by Dr Günder Varinlioğlu.

Survey and ceramic processing of several Late Roman Red Slipped Ware kiln sites from Pisidia, Turkey as part of the Pisidia Survey Project Directed by Dr Lutgarde Vandeput (BIAA) and Dr Veli Kose (Ankara University). (see eprints)

Part of the Çatalhöyük Research Project working on the late cemetery in the 4040 area at Çatalhöyük and the 2013 survey around Çatalhöyük with Dr Sophie Moore. (see eprints)

Letters from Baghdad Assisted the Directors Zeva Oelbaum and Sabine Krayenbuehl in their research.

Gertrude Bell and Iraq - A Life and Legacy. Collaborated with The British Institute for the Study of Iraq for a three-day academic conference that examined the life and legacy of Gertrude Bell, hosted at the Royal Society and the British Academy. The papers were published in the Proceedings of the British Academy in 2017. My paper considered critically Gertrude Bell's contribution to Archaeological Research in Central Asia Minor (see eprints). 

Co-Curator (with Andrew Parkin) of The Extraordinary Gertrude Bell a new major exhibition at the Great North Museum Hancock 30 January - 3rd May 2016 at Kirkleatham Museum until Spring 2017 for which we edited a series of papers on the research of various colleagues on aspects of Gertrude Bell's life (see publications list).

Research Papers

I have spoken at:

  • British Institute at Ankara, Ankara (October 2019)
  • Mapping the Sacred in Byzantium, Newcastle (September 2019) 
  • Cultural heritage in landscape: Planning development in Turkey, Izmir (September 2019) 
  • Abandonment and Loss: Changing Landscapes and Societies, Mimar Sinan, Istanbul (May 2019)
  • T.E. Lawrence Society Symposium, Oxford (Sept. 2018)
  • Mind the Gap! Ceramic Studies and Discontinuities in the Archaeological Record. Copenhagen (July 2018)
  • Travellers to the Near East and the Great War, Royal Geographical Society London, London (March 2018)
  • Workshop on Archaeological and Cultural Landscape Studies in Rough Cilicia, Mersin University, Turkey (November 2017)
  • Byzantine Archaeology Graduate Seminar, Edinburgh (Otc 2017)
  • The 8th Century, Patterns of Transition in Economy and Trade throughout the Late Antique, Early Medieval and Islamicate Mediterranean, Berlin (October 2017)
  • Historical Landscapes: Character, Assessment and Visualization, Izmir Institute of Technology, Turkey (2-3 June 2017)
  • Levantine Ceramics Project, Athens (May 2017)
  • Gertrude Bell and Iraq A Life and Legacy Panel Discussion, British Academy, London (April 2017)
  • Roman Archaeology Off Limits, British Museum, London (November 2016)
  • New Approaches to Historic Landscapes, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Istanbul (Feb 2016)
  • Death in Byzantium, Newcastle (30 May 2015)
  • Panel member, “If I could sink my teeth into the whole earth” Chaired debate Fine Art, Newcastle University (17 April 2015)
  • Roman Research Discussion Group, Oxford (January 2015)
  • Ancient Near Eastern Seminar, Cambridge (November 2014) 
  • Newcastle Interdisciplinary Seminar (October 2014) 
  • Late Antique and Byzantine Archaeology Seminar, Oxford (October 2013) 
  • Gertrude Bell and Iraq: A life and Legacy, British Academy (Sept 2013) 
  • Research Seminar Series, Edinburgh (March 2013)
  • Literary and Philosophical Society, Newcastle (October 2012)
  • Byzantine Ceramics, Kings College London (February 2012)
  • Late Antique and Byzantine Archaeology Seminar, Oxford (May 2011)
  • McDonald Institute Research Seminar, Cambridge (May 2009)
  • Symposium of Excavations, Surveys and Archaeometry, Ankara (May/June 2008)
  • Archaeology of the Countryside in Medieval Anatolia, Leiden (Feb 2008)
  • The archaeologies of Byzantium, Edinburgh (2008)
  • International Conference on Rough Cilicia, Nebraska (Oct 2007)
  • Recent Research on Byzantine Pottery, London (June 2007)
  • Byzantine Congress, London (August 2006)
  • Concealed Communities, Newcastle (Dec 2005)
  • Byzantine Symposium on Performance, Belfast (April 2005)
  • IIe Congrès International sur la céramique commune, La céramique culinaire et les amphores de l’antiquité Tardive en Méditerranée: Archéologie et Archaéométrie (April 2005) (with R.S. Gabrieli and A. Kaldelis)
  • Byzantine Symposium on Trade, Oxford (March 2004)

Conferences organised at Newcastle

'Gertrude Bell Symposium', Co-hosted with Dr Emma Short 19 April 2017

'Experiencing Death in Byzantium' Co-hosted with Dr Sophie Moore and Dr Niamh Bhalla 29 May 2015.

'Ceramics and Atlantic Connections', Co-hosted with Maria Duggan and Prof Sam Turner, Newcastle University26-27 March 2014. 

'Experiencing Byzantium'. 44th Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies hosted in Newcastle upon Tyne 8th - 10th April 2011 with Dr Claire Nesbitt (Durham) published by Ashgate in autumn 2013. The interdisciplinary theme, 'Experiencing Byzantium', embraced all aspects of Byzantine studies and brought together historians, art historians, archaeologists and palaeographers.

'Light: a Christmas Symposium' 11 December 2009 (with Dr Sam Turner, Newcastle University)

'Art, Archaeology and Text in Byzantium', 10 December 2004 (Organiser)

Postgraduate Supervision

Current research students:

Gianluca Foschi "The Role of Musical Proprtions in Early Christian Buildings" (Co-supervised with Dr David Creese, Prof Sam Turner and Prof Magnus Williamson)

Previous research students:

Nigel Porter "Assessing the social and political significance of Athenian painted pottery through examination of changes in scenes of warriors departing on Attic pottery between 600 BC and 400 BC" (Co-supervised with Dr Sally Waite and Dr Joseph Skinner)

Bill Pickering "The North East Coast Industries Exhibition, Newcastle-upon-Tyne 1929"

Maria Duggan (PhD student, co-supervised with Prof Sam Turner and Dr James Gerrard) Awarded PhD 2015
now British Academy Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Newcastle University

Vasiliki Manolopoulou (PhD student, co-supervised with Prof Sam Turner) Awarded PhD 2016

(formerly Lecturer in Byzantine History, Northumbria University (2017); Lecturer in Byzantine History, King's College London, 2018-19; now Hannah Seeger Davis Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Princeton University)

Sophie Moore “A Relational Approach to Mortuary Practices within Medieval Byzantine Anatolia”.   (co-supervised with Dr Chris Fowler) Awarded PhD 2013

(formerly Postdoctoral Research Fellow British Institute at Ankara, Postdoctoral Fellow in Archaeology and the Ancient World (2016-2018), now Lecturer in Medieval Archaeology Newcastle University 

Katie Green “Rural Byzantine Landscapes and Societies: New Approaches to Characterization and Analysis” Awarded PhD 2013 (co-supervised with Prof Sam Turner)

Eniko Hudak (MLitt student, co-supervised with Dr James Gerrard) 

Esteem Indicators

Visiting Scholar, Trinity College, Cambridge (Feb-May 2009)

Member of Executive Committee Society for the Promotion of Byzantine Studies (2009-2012) 

Member of the Council of the British Institute at Ankara (2006-2009)


  • ESRC-IAA IMpact Grant for 'Gertrude Bell Comics' (2018)
  • AHRC for 'Beyond Destruction' via Centre for Hidden Histories (2016)
  • British Academy Newton Advanced Fellowship for Dr E. Koparal (2016) (Co-I with Sam Turner)
  • AHRC-TUBITAK Newton Project (2016) Co-I (with PI: Sam Turner and Engin Nurlu (Ege University, Turkey))
  • Catherine Cookson Fund (2015)
  • Newcastle Institute for Creative Arts Practice (CI) (2015)
  • HaSS Faculty Impact Fund (2015)
  • Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies (2013)
  • Dumbarton Oaks Washington D.C. Fieldwork Grant, Kilise Tepe (2011)
  • Newcastle University HASS Faculty Research Fund Grant (2009)
  • Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies (2009)
  • Dumbarton Oaks Washington D.C. Fieldwork Grant, Kilise Tepe (2009)
  • Newcastle University HASS Faculty Research Fund Grant (2008)
  • In 2007, a British Academy large grant was awarded for the Kilise Tepe Archaeological Excavation. Co-I (PI: Prof. J.N. Postgate, Cambridge)


Undergraduate Teaching 2019-2020

ARA1027 Introduction to Archaeology (Semester 1)

ARA1001 Stuff: Living in a Material World  (Semester 2)

ARA2091 Archaeologies of the Roman Empire (Semester 1)

ARA2092 The Medieval World AD400-1500 (Semester 1)

HIS2240 Greece from ancient times to the 21st century: Interdisciplinary approaches to the study of the past (Semester 2)

ARA3016 Archaeology of Byzantium and its Neighbours (Semester 1)

ARA3001-2-3 BA Dissertation (Semesters 1 & 2)

Postgraduate Teaching 2019-20

ARA8190 Research Themes, Theories and Skills in Archaeology (Semester 1)

ARA8116 Archaeology of Byzantium and its Neighbours  (Semester 1)

ARA8106 Independent Study Project in Archaeology (Semester 1)

ARA8172 Graduate Seminar in Byzantine Archaeology (Semester 2)

ARA8107 Independent Study Project in Archaeology (Semester 2)