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Alcohol and Drugs Policy

University Owned Accommodation

Purpose statement

Accommodation Services encourages you to live a safe and healthy lifestyle and our policy aims to listen and support you if you are affected by alcohol and or drugs issues. In association with Newcastle University Students’ Union (NUSU) and Student Health and Wellbeing Service we will provide relevant information, advice, support and counselling for students about the risks that may result from the use of drugs and alcohol and where possible, how to minimize harm.

Applicability and scope

This policy applies to all students in University Owned Accommodation. The Alcohol and Drugs Policy deals with the consequences of incidents that happen when illegal (including psychoactive) substances, alcohol and smoking are involved. This includes possession, use and sharing or dealing drugs with your friends and guests within the accommodation and grounds or being present in a room with someone who has or is using drugs.

The manufacture and or supply of drugs is treated very seriously by the University and includes selling or sharing illegal (including psychoactive) substances. The manufacture and supply of psychoactive substances is also illegal and is included in this policy. Medication prescribed by a doctor is exempt from the policy, providing it is taken as prescribed by the named person. Although alcohol is not illegal we define alcohol misuse as any drinking which makes you act in an inappropriate manner, interferes with the health and/or social conduct within accommodation or has a detrimental effect on you or the wider community.

Our responsibilities

• to listen and support you if you are affected by drug use not to condone the excessive or harmful use of alcohol in our accommodation

• to support, advise and refer you to Student Health & Wellbeing Service, if you are affected by excessive alcohol or illegal or psychoactive drugs

• to protect you from anti-social behaviour caused by illegal drugs, psychoactive drugs and alcohol misuse

• to protect you from the effects of illegal (including psychoactive) drugs use

• to educate you about responsible drinking and if requested and available, offer alcohol-free accommodation

• to educate you about illegal (including psychoactive) drugs use and impact on your health

• to support, advise and refer you to ResLife and the IBA (Identification and Brief Advice) process and re-education awareness training

• to encourage a healthy lifestyle

• to promote a smoke free environment as part of the University Smoke Free Campus

• meet our legal obligation to prevent the use of illegal substances on our premises under The 1971 Misuse of Drugs Act, and take appropriate action under the Student Disciplinary Procedures and Police involvement, if appropriate, when drugs are found

• any student found having used or suspected of having used illegal (including psychoactive) drugs will be provided with the necessary care and attention in relation to their physical condition

• remove and safely dispose of the items as they are banned within our accommodation

• treat disclosure of drug use as a confidential matter and with sensitivity

• inform and educate you of the consequences of possessing or taking illegal (including psychoactive) drugs within University Owned Accommodation. This includes:

  • the benefits of not consuming alcohol or drugs
  • the health risks and how to reduce harm
  • the legal position and possible Police involvement
  • the academic consequences
  • possible expulsion from accommodation and the University

Your responsibilities

• talk to us in confidence if you are affected by alcohol or drug use

• not to take illegal (including psychoactive) drugs into University Owned Accommodation

• not to sell or share illegal (including psychoactive) drugs with friends, as this is illegal even if no money changes hands

• not to expose your flat mates to the effects of illegal (including psychoactive) drugs within University Owned Accommodation

• do not negatively impact the trust people place in our university or it’s legitimate activities and interests by using illegal (including psychoactive)


• to drink responsibly and not behave in an antisocial manner

• to smoke in external designated areas only and not inside our accommodation, this includes the use of E-cigarettes. Tampering with fire safety equipment carries fines of between £100-£300 for dangerous behaviour

Disciplinary process and outcomes

Illegal Drugs

Appendix A

Accommodation Services Drugs, Newcastle University and you

What will happen if…..

Appendix B


Drugs/Illegal Drugs: Illegal drugs which have limitations on their ownership or use meaning you are not allowed to have them. A drug is any chemical that affects the human body or mind when it is swallowed, inhaled, or consumed in another way. This includes, but is not limited to cannabis, mephedrone (MCAT), heroin, crack cocaine, MDMA, amphetamines (speed), ketamine and ecstasy.

Psychoactive drugs: are drugs with stimulant or mood-altering properties which affect your mental functioning or emotional state. This includes, nitrous oxide.

Alcohol: obtained from the fermentation of sugars and starches and also made artificially. It is the intoxicating ingredient of wine, beer, spirits, and other drinks.

Tobacco: a substance smoked in cigarettes and pipes that is prepared from the dried leaves of the tobacco plant.

E-cigarette: An electronic cigarette or e-cigarette is a handheld electronic device that creates an aerosol by heating a liquid. The user then inhales the aerosol. Using e-cigarettes is sometimes called vaping. The liquid in the e-cigarette, called e-liquid, is usually made of nicotine, propylene glycol, glycerine, and flavourings. Not all eliquids contain nicotine.