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Career Planning

Deciding on your career path takes research and planning - it’s never too early to start.

Planning your future career

Getting started can feel daunting. Remember for most people, the ‘perfect’ job or career doesn’t exist. People have an average of three different careers during their working life.

You don’t need to plan too far ahead at this stage. Sometimes it’s better to leave yourself open to opportunities by taking small steps.

In this section you will find information and resources to help you:

  • Get started - knowing yourself and what really matters to you is a helpful starting point
  • Explore your options - how to find out what opportunities are out there
  • Take action - how you can gain the experience and develop the skills you need
  • Move forward - once you've decided on your next step, find out how you can put your plan into action

You can find out what graduates from your course or similar courses have done after graduation. This can give you some inspiration and ideas about jobs or employers to research.