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Teacher Training Interviews

Many training providers invite candidates to a selection day, which includes a number of activities and an interview. Our information and resources can help you prepare.

Preparing for the interview

Before your interview, or selection day, you will need to make sure you have done some research on the education sector. Research should include the latest government legislation and the national curriculum. You can also focus on current topical issues that could impact on the classroom.

The following resources will help with this research:

You should also spend time reflecting on:

  • your relevant work experience, especially in a school
  • conversations with teachers – what have you learnt?
  • the personal qualities and characteristics that effective teachers display
  • why teaching appeals to you
  • what you can bring to the profession in terms of skills and personal qualities

targetjobs: What to expect from the teacher training interview and selection day provides an overview of the different elements of a selection day.

The interview process

The process may include a number of activities, such as:

  • an interview
  • written or online tests
  • a presentation or mini-lesson
  • a group exercise
  • interactions with staff and pupils


The interview will normally be a panel interview consisting of two or more people and will usually last from 20 minutes to an hour. Interview questions are likely to be based on:

  • career motivation
  • self awareness
  • your academic record
  • relevant work experience
  • knowledge of the course/school
  • educational issues
  • classroom management
  • knowledge of safeguarding

The following websites contain interview advice and examples of typical interview questions:


As well as an individual interview you may also be asked to deliver a presentation on a prepared topic or deliver a 10-15 minute mini lesson. You’ll usually be given the topic or some guidelines beforehand.

You may be asked to spend some time with pupils - often an informal chat, a Q&A session or in the classroom.

You might also have to participate in a group activity with other applicants. These are designed to assess your:

  • communication skills
  • teamwork and negotiation skills
  • ability to think creatively
  • knowledge about education issues

Some training providers will test your English and maths during the interview. ICT tests may also be included.

After the interview

If you are not offered a place after the interview, ask for feedback. This will help you to address any skills gaps, or improve your interview/selection day performance.

More help

If you need help preparing for your interview, book an appointment through MyCareer.