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Teacher Training Applications

Find information to help with the application process for teacher training, including how to research courses, when to apply and how to complete your personal statement.

Researching courses

Make sure you research the courses and training providers you're interested in so that you choose the right one for you. The following websites can help with this research: 

If you are unsure which option to choose, book an appointment with a Careers Consultant through MyCareer

See teaching in schools in our Occupations site to find out more about the different routes into teaching and visit the individual websites for more information on the application process. 

Application process 

Applications usually open in October for entry the following year.  

The steps below outline the process for applying for postgraduate teacher training programmes.  

Find courses  

Use the search tool on the GOV.UK site to find teacher training programmes in England. Search for courses in Scotland and Wales through UCAS

Read course information carefully and research the training provider. See our information above about researching courses

Training providers keep their applications open until they are full, so it's important to apply early for popular courses.  

Prepare to apply 

Check the work experience requirements for individual training programmes to make sure you meet their criteria. See the information on our School-based work experience section for more advice on finding relevant work experience.  

Create your personal statement. See our information below on how to write an effective personal statement, and how to get feedback.  

Choose your references. You will need to provide details of two people. If you are still a registered student or if you graduated in the last 5 years you will need to include an academic reference. Contact your referees in advance to ask if they are happy to provide a reference. The Get into Teaching website has more information on references.  

Apply for courses 

For teacher training in England, applications are made through the Apply for teacher training service on GOV.UK.  

You can apply for up to four training programmes in each round of applications. Training providers have 40 working days to respond to your application. 

If you are unsuccessful in your first round of applications, you can apply again to another four training programmes.   

Applications in Scotland or Wales are made through UCAS.  

Prepare for interview  

Interviews can take place as early as November. The process will vary depending on the training provider, but you will be given a description of what to expect in your invitation to interview.  

Teacher training personal statement

It's really important that your personal statement is relevant and effective.  

Your personal statement is your chance to explain why you want to teach, your commitment to the profession and why you would be a good teacher.  

If you have had some work experience in a school, you should include what you observed and learned during your time in the classroom. You should also include any other experience you have had of working with children or young people.  

The format of the personal statement is different on GOV.UK and UCAS. 

Application advice 

You can get advice on your application from a teaching adviser through the Department for Education’s Get into Teaching service.  

Feedback on your personal statement 

We can give you feedback on your statement in an online or in-person appointment. Log into MyCareer, click on 'Book', then 'Appointments' and use our Appointment Finder to book the right appointment type for you. 

You can also send your personal statement (preferably inMicrosoft Word) to us for written feedback. This can take up to 5 working days. Click on Queries/CV in MyCareer (top right hand corner) to submit your query and CV.