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Further Study

Undertaking further study involves a commitment of time and finance. Think about your motivations before pursuing a masters, PhD or other course of study.

Why further study?

There can be many positive reasons to pursue further study, including:

  • to pursue your interest in a particular subject
  • to improve your career prospects or change career direction
  • as a requirement for a particular career - medicine, dentistry, law, teaching
  • a desire to work in academia
  • to develop a new skill or for personal enjoyment or satisfaction

If you are considering further study for any of the following reasons, you might need to consider your decision more thoroughly:

  • feeling unready for a job - will you feel ready after further study?
  • because your tutor/parents recommend it - you have to complete the course, not them
  • to extend student life - life as a postgraduate is more demanding

If you are struggling to decide if further study is for you, you could book an appointment with a Careers Consultant.

In this section you will find information and advice on applying for and funding a masters or PhD. Our information includes specific advice on further study routes for medicine, dentistry and teaching.